These details apply to our pre-approved content creators. 

Garments are posted to you, with a return post bag enclosed. Details of these garments are emailed to you, prior to posting, which allows you to decide how and where to best take the shots. We do not supply accessories, jewellery or footwear. These, you put together, based on how you want the content to look.

Our target audience is young women, aged approx 17 - 24 yrs, and your photos need to reflect this age group. We need a full length, front, side, and back shot, plus a freestyle shot where you just pose to have some fun with your theme. We need to see the fabric, trim, straps, frill etc, in other words, the selling points of the garment. Although these are full length shots, they need to be close enough, to see all of this. 

These photos need to be high resolution, square, or 3:4, suitable for Instagram posts, and other product advertising. These photos become the  property of Babcia the Label, once you have been paid for this content. 

We need to have received your email of these photos, within 10 days of you receiving the garments. These same garments need to shipped back to us in the post bag provided, within two days of sending through the photos.

Payment is transferred to your bank account on the same day we receive your shots, or if these photos have been sent in the evening, then the very next day.

We will need your name, address, Mbl no, email address, size, bank details and ABN number.

If you do not have an ABN, the tax office requires you to complete a 'Statement by a Supplier' form. Statement By Supplier PDF Link

This form needs to be returned to us, at  Email Link as we are required kept it on file. If at some stage you decide to get an ABN, please let us know, so that we may up date our details.  Have fun creating your content!